Who's your target customer?
Any outdoor enthusiast who demands a durable and interchangeable mounting system to securely attach their accessories with whether it be to a bicycle, ATV, kayak, golf cart, baby jogger, boat, etc.

What customer problem or challenge do you solve?
Machined from solid 6061-T6 Aluminum billet, the fit, and finish of the Trail Rail Mounting System is an unsurpassed durable product that is vertically manufactured to last in harsh environments. Trail Rail Mounting Systems means: No more cracked plastic or slipping O-rings, and no worn or ripped dirty Velcro straps.

What is the big deal about 6061-T6 Aluminum billet?
Unlike plastic which doesn’t react well to varying climates, aluminum of this grade is capable of withstanding varying temperatures and still maintain peak functioning. It is super strong and will not break! We also coat all of our products in a military grade black finish (MIL-STD-8625), which keeps scratches, dings and dents to a bare minimum.

Why Trail Rail products as opposed to someone else?
We offer a product line that can serve you for years to come based on your changing needs and interests. The same base mount can be used for a camera, iPhone, GPS, flashlight, etc. Essentially you are getting more bang for your buck. Other products are typically limited to a single use and if your usage changes, you are stuck with a product that is no longer valuable to you.

 What value do you deliver?
As stated above, the Trail Rail Mounting System is designed to be used in multiple ways, in multiple locations and on demand for the long haul. This is intrinsic added value for the customer and delivers a lifetime of ever increasing ROI. It’s one of the mainstays of Trail Rail’s Platform Integrated Technology.

What exactly is Platform Based Integration?
Any combination of our system requires 3 Integrated pieces: the Platform, the Rail and the Adapter/Interface. The same Platform (a.k.a. mount) is integrated into all of our systems. There are different style Rails (i.e. ring rails, seat rails, etc.) and there are different Adapters/Interfaces (i.e. lights, camera, phone, etc.) but regardless of your system your combination will always derive from the same Platform Base. This revolutionary system allows the user to do three things: 1.) easily change the location of their accessory 2.) easily change the accessory being used and 3.) increase the usability of available space on any ride. For example, you may have your phone attached to your ATV handlebars one day but the next day you want to use your GPS – this can easily be done by just changing out the accessory adapter/interface. Another option is to change the location of either of these items by simply moving the Platform to another Rail location on your ride. The options are endless!

More Ring Rail Tech?
TR Ring Rails come with the Neoprene applied but may not always be the best fit. WE sometimes take out some or all of the neoprene on the bottom CAP and leave it on the top RAIL so as to still isolate some vibration or completely take out all the neoprene depending on the requirement. We adapt. See Chart Selection Guide.

Light Maintenance?

Machined from solid 6061-T6 Aluminum, the Light Body external threads may periodically require some light lubrication on both ends. ( Tail/Lamp Caps)  Equally, the lenses or switch may require tightening of internal components. The lenses, LED's, or Tail Caps can be secured again by removing either from the Body and tightening the brass or aluminum locking  ring. Attached is the photo of the 230 LUM A10B. You will need something with a point to get into the small holes and turn clockwise to tighten or CCW to remove as can be seen in the second picture with the LED completely removed. Be aware that there is a thin rubber O-ring in front of the lens for keeping moisture out.  Handle with care when re-seating lens and tightening.  

Battery- Charger Maintenance?
UtraFire 18650 3800mAh 3.7V Li-ion Batteries should not be left or stored in the Battery Charger.  It will drain the battery to a zero state of charge and the battery charger will read that as "charged" state and show "green" light. If that should happen, place battery together with another battery with some known charge into Battery Charger, this will indicate with "Red" light on the Battery Charger and will charge both Batteries to full charger again.

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